The Bishop’s Chair

A Bishop is head of a diocese and in a cathedral there is a special chair for the Bishop, called a cathedra (whence the name ‘cathedral’).  Although not actually necessary, many Anglican churches keep a specific seat for the Bishop when he (and now she) visits the church. It is often used at a service of confirmation, being placed at the chancel steps or, in St Paul’s, in front of the nave altar. Note the crest on the chair: a shield with St Peter’s keys with a woolsack above (a symbol of the former Bradford Diocese: 1911-2015) surmounted by a mitre – the bishop’s hat.

A plaque on the pillar at the north-east corner of the chancel records that the chair and prayer desk were given by Mr J J Ambler, a former sidesman, in memory of Julia Ann Ambler who died in 1937.

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