Narthex & Porch

The extensive panelling on either side of the door from the porch into the Narthex was done in memory of Edwin and Sarah Ann Lee who lived in Paul’s Road and who left the sum of £1,000 for the benefit of the poor of the parish (The Lee Charity).  This work  included the doors and vestibule to screen off the porch from the church. 

On the right as one enters are two elevated seats for the churchwardens which “have long been desired.” These had caved pew fronts for books. On the left is a recess for the Font (which, since the Font was moved, is now the bookstall.) Gas lights were provided at either side. The panelling dates from 1908. It was designed by the firm of Messrs. W Wilcock & Son of Bradford and the work done by Mr Sam Dibb of Shipley[i].

The porch was panelled in oak, also the work of Mr Sam Dibb, in 1889 as a memorial to Mr Richard Clairborne Dixon.

Following the WW1, it was decided to create a War Memorial for those members of the parish who had been killed. The money for this was raised by subscription, and there were many subscribers. In all there were 208 names added to the list. All the men are listed in strict alphabetic order by surname and with no rank or regiment. The memorial was designed by Messrs T.H. & F. Healey and constructed by Mr S. Dibb of Shipley. The carving was by Mr J. Heaton of Shipley.  The memorial was dedicated on 11th December 1921.

[i]      Shipley “Home Words”, Parish Magazine, November 1908, pp. 1-2.

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